Sunday, January 24, 2010

29 DJs In 7 Rooms

via AH:

"Leah: 'I wrote this after a recent girl's night out to the BEST club in the world! Going there is a curse as I want to shout its name from the roof tops but, you only get invited if you promise never to reveal the secret - this track will probably guarantee I am refused entry next month'.

Technical stuff: the main bass/lead parts are HardSID (4 or 5 tracks). All the drums are Jomox 888. There is also a few MS20 and PEK tracks. All the annoying screeching sounds are Leah.

Paul + Leah xx


Banned by YouTube video: [below]

'thats mental! and rather fkin ace too! cheers! dick subhumans'"

Mickey Mouse is Dead - punkdISCO

YouTube via punkdiscoUK
"Our first version was banned by YouTube as the "submission violates our Terms of Service on pornography, obscene or defamatory material". So, here is our heavily edited and hopefully "YouTube friendly" version.. Paul and Leah xxx"

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