Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Arturia Retrosound (Gregsynth Song)

YouTube via Gregsynth
"Gregsynth is back! Instead of posting an awful cover version of a song (with my dreadful vocals), I have decided to post my new song entitled: "Arturia Retrosound." The title is derived from the virtual synth company "Arturia" and user "retrosound72." He is on Youtube as a partner. He provides top quality analog synthesizer demos and has released two albums of original material. His work is quite influential!

Some of my virtual synths are now disabled/destroyed (the Oberheim OPX, Roland Jupiter 8V, the PPG Wave 2V and the Prophet V8) due to demo restrictions. I'm too cheap to buy the real versions...sorry. But I have my other synths to back me up so it's all good. I managed to replicate/create similar sounds that my former virtual synths used to make, by messing around with GarageBand. To avoid deception I will post the name of my virtual synth, then a "(GarageBand Sound)" mark by it. Have a fun listen!

Equipment used:

Arturia CS-80V
ARP Oddity
TR-808 Clone
PPG Wave 2V (GarageBand Sound)
Oberheim OPX (GarageBand Sound)
Prophet 8V (GarageBand Sound)
Roland Jupiter 8V (GarageBand Sound)
Various effects
Arpeggiators and sequencers (CS-80V and Arp Oddity fed into "ReMIDI")

© 2009 Gregsynth/Garageband Productions"

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