Thursday, August 6, 2009

via fac on the forum

"I guess I'd call this "ambient". It ranges between soft, noisy, melodic, arhythmic, repetitive, evolving, surprising, boring, minimalistic, wall-of-sound-y, buggy, improvised, unquantized, badly mixed, and whatnot. Anyway, it's free. For now."


  1. I just listened to this whole thing and it's great. Any word on a downloadable version (preferably uncompressed or lossless)?

  2. Thanks, Mark!

    You can download the tracks by right-clicking on the player, but they're 128 Kbps mp3 files.

    I was planning to offer a 256 Kbps download, but now I'm thinking FLAC may be better, although I have never used it.

  3. Thanks - if you decide to go with FLAC, please let us know. FLAC compression is handy and offers full signal quality when decompressed with no loss of original content. Good luck!