Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rhys Chatham - Video

Rhys Chatham - "A Crimson Grail" - Finale (Live at Damrosch Park, Lincoln Center)

YouTube via BigAssLens. via Richard Lainhart on the forum. Village Voice Review
"The gorgeous coda to "A Crimson Grail , for 200 Electric Guitars (Outdoor Version)".

Shot by BAL
Audio recorded by Paul
Audio mixed by Silvadough"

Rhys Chatham - "A Crimson Grail" - End of first part (Live at Damrosch Park)

"World Premiere for "A Crimson Grail, for 200 Electric Guitars (Outdoor Version). This video was taken towards the end of the first movement. The full audio recording from the first part is available on bigasslens.com

Camera by BAL
Audio recording by Rego
Audio mixing by Silvadough"

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