Friday, August 7, 2009

The VX-323


Portland, OR - August 12, 2009 - Amid early positive notices for his debut album, Chansons, The VX-323 today released a free, 4-song EP to introduce new listeners to his style of robot synth funk. The Overclocked EP is available as a downloadable ZIP archive of MP3 files from his Web site at Individual tracks can be previewed and downloaded from SoundCloud.

The new track, “Overclocked,” features The VX-323 running amok in his new all-digital recording studio. It is the sound of a speech synthesis robot amped up on high voltages without proper grounding. The full track listing of the EP is:

1. Overclocked
2. Billion Dollar Condo (Demo)
3. Hey Baby (Demo)
4. Super Mec

Like The VX-323ʼs debut album, Chansons, the Overclocked EP was produced by Scott Burgess and mastered by Rick McMillen at SuperDigital in Portland, OR, USA.

Early reviews for Chansons have been favorable. Culture critics Behind The Hype write:

“The album, entitled Chansons, has a feel that you expect from a robot. Almost 80ʼs sounding beats, but then thereʼs a moment where the lyrics and subject matter make it something else entirely...To sum it up, this is more than just an album; itʼs an experience... one that most people are too afraid to make in this day and age.”, July 31, 2009

Initial concerns that humans would be unsettled and disturbed by a CD of techno pop songs performed by a robot proved to be unfounded. Leading synth blogger MATRIXSYNTH says:

“...I must say that I really like it so far. It's surprisingly soothing to the senses - great to unwind to.”, July 01, 2009

The VX-323 cites Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, the Human League, and HAL 9000 as influences. Chansons is now available worldwide through CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Super D, and other physical and digital distribution outlets, on the Bitnotic Music label.

Official Web Site:
About Bitnotic Music

Bitnotic Music is a division of Bitnotic that focuses on music publishing and distribution. Other branches are Bitnotic Software (chill, VX-323, both for Mac) and Bitnotic Mobile (Decypher puzzle game for iPhone). The company is based in Portland, OR, USA. More info is available at"

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